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. Read More » .There is still a long way to go before Microsoft will be able to make as much money from Windows Phone 7 as it does with Windows, if the software giant wants to turn around the fortunes of its mobile platform. On Tuesday the company announced that for the first quarter of 2010 it had sold 2.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets, around 50 percent more than it had done in the previous quarter, as BusinessWeek reports. But that figure is barely half the 3.6 million units it sold in the first quarter of 2009, indicating that sales are still dwarfed by those of Apple and Android-powered handsets. And revenue from Windows Phone 7 handset sales has also dipped, from $420 million in the first quarter of 2009 to $298 million in the first quarter of 2010. I wrote earlier this year that Microsoft is unlikely to turn a profit from Windows Phone 7 handset sales, because it has not been able to convince carriers to sign up large numbers of handsets and if it could, it would not be able to sustain those sales. Windows Phone 7 in China The biggest selling point for Windows Phone 7 has been that it was built for mobile operators that wanted to use the platform and that wanted to use it on a large scale. The first ever Windows Phone 7 handset was, of course, made by Nokia. But it was the Chinese manufacturer ZTE who announced in February that it would be rolling out more than 100,000 Windows Phones in the second quarter of 2010, including several models that support WCDMA, a 3G standard that is also used in China and other parts of the world. This is a big victory for Windows Phone 7 and the success of the device in China will no doubt bolster the handsets sales throughout the rest of the world. ZTE announced that it would be selling the Windows Phone 7 phones under the ZTE brand and under various other names, but BusinessWeek is reporting that "industry sources suggest that ZTE is selling the handsets to a U.S. company for further distribution in the U.S." ZTE has already made a success of the handset, selling them for as little as $180 and with no contract or subsidy from a carrier. According to research firm Canalys, the firm's handset research specialist, ZTE was the fourth largest Android handset manufacturer in the third quarter of 2009 and the number one manufacturer of Windows Phone


Crack Bistone Hotel Management System 4 5

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